The OUTS and INS of my soccer world

I’ve been coaching youth soccer for over 22 years, at every level imaginable.  I did lots of federation coaching courses, both in the US and abroad. I’ve always tried to be a lifelong student of the game.  I spent ten years teaching coaching courses for my local state association.  I embraced the orthodox, championed the tried and true, and followed the conventional wisdom.

Then about five years ago I started to ask “why?”.  Since them I have been methodically examining every accumulated piece of hard-earned knowledge, holding them up to the light, and more often than not…. discarding them for something better.

Here is my very personal list of soccer OUTS and INS from those past fiver years.  The “ins” are what I am doing now…. at least until I can find something better.

Disclaimer: these are general principles.  There are always exceptions and there is never an always

OUT: Possession Soccer

IN: Positional Soccer

OUT: Triangles

IN: Diamonds (no a diamond is NOT a ‘double triangle’.  Don’t even go there)

OUT: Play the way you’re facing

IN: Face the way you’re playing

OUT: Call for the ball

IN: Tell your team mate where the ball should be played

OUT: The Five Principles of Attack

IN: The only principle of Attack is Penetration (everything else is just detail)

OUT: Move the ball

IN: Move the opponents

OUT: Get the ball or get the man

IN: Win the space, so you get both

OUT: Simple to complex

IN: Whole-Part-Whole

OUT: Progressions

IN: Linked activities

OUT: The Game is the Best Teacher

IN: The Best Teachers are the Best Teachers      (if you had me as an instructor and I told you the game was the best teacher….. SORRY!!!!!)

OUT: Coaching Courses

IN: Social Media Connections

Thanks to all of those on Twitter who share their passion, knowledge, opinions,  and ideas through videos, blog posts, public conversations, and DM’s.