Surge International 2016 “Fade into Bolivian” Fundraiser

At the end of June I will once again, as Mike Tyson famously said, “Fade into Bolivian”.  This will be my third trip to Bolivia as a team member of Surge International, where we will once again be working with the Escuela de Futbol UEB .

This is a fantastic organization that provides soccer skills and life lessons to more than 80 low income and at risk kids in Santa Cruz, one of the fastest growing cities in South America.

In order to help fund my expenses for the 2016 trip, I am offering up prints of some of my original photography and watercolor artwork for sale via Fine Art America

The quality of the prints is top notch, and all proceeds after expenses will go to fund my trip.  Any money raised above the $2000 goal will go directly to the Escueka de Futbol UEB to support the school and its coaching staff

Here is a sample of my watercolors: “Craven Cottage”

Screenshot (108)

and a sample of my photography: “Mount Rainier Sunset”

Screenshot (109)

These and other images can be found on my Fine Art America Page at

Purchases of these prints are not tax deductible, but if you want to get a write off and support a great cause you can support me by donating directly to Surge International via their website or by sending a check to:

Surge International
PO Box 2689
Salem, OR 97308-2689
Please put “Scott Nelson Bolivia 2016” in the comments section of your check or in the online comments section if you want to support my trip specifically
For more information about our work in Bolivia you can watch this 5 minute video



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