Surge International Bolivia 2016

As 2015 comes to a close, planning is already underway for Surge International to return to Bolivia in 2016

This Christian mission focuses on the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra (the fastest growing metropolitan area in South America) and several smaller communities in the nearby Montanas de la Valle.  Bolivia is an amazing, soccer-crazed country full of warm, friendly people; many of whom have tremendous spiritual and physical needs.  Our job is to support local people who are already doing good work in these communities in any way we can, using futbol as a way to build and foster relationships and deliver a message of hope and salvation through Jesus Christ

Current projects:

Santa Cruz de La Sierra

U.E.B. Escuela de Futbol: What started out several years ago with one coach and one soccer ball has now grown into a full fledged soccer academy that uses “Divine Principles” to teach both soccer and life skills to mostly lower income boys and girls in Santa Cruz.  There is no shortage of soccer schools in this futbol obsessed city, but the U.E.B. is unique in it’s approach due to it’s affordability and Christian message.

Surge International provides staff for special week long camps, new and used gear and equipment, and technical support to the local coaching staff

Fulbito Street Ministry: Fulbito is what the locals call their outdoor version of futsal, played on concrete courts that are ubiquitous to the city.  What started out as a way for Surge team members to let off steam and play some pickup soccer for fun is now developing into a opportunity to build relationships and positively impact the lives of young men and women who live in the area near the Stansberry Children’s Home where our team is based.

(Stansberry Children’s Home, by the way, is an amazing organization for Bolivian orphans that could also really use your support)

Montanes de la Valle:

A bus trek through jungle passes takes us up into the desert at the foot of the Andes.  Working with local communities, Surge’s three pronged programming includes

Soccer Camps– free games, instruction, and activities for local kids of all ages

Coaching Education– Sharing tactical, technical, and teaching methodology with local coaches and teachers who do not have much exposure to modern coaching education and ideas

Futsal Competion– In each community we visited,  Surge fielded a mens and a womens team for friendly games against local competition.  Our womens team won every game in 2015.  Our mens team, featuring mostly multi sport high school kids, could use some reinforcements for 2016

We are not looking to be a traveling road show.  Our goal is to grow and build all of these relationships long term. As this ministry grows, we will be adding other projects as well.  If you have gifts or skills that could strengthen our group, and if God is putting it on your heart to help these wonderful Bolivian people, please contact us via our website





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