VIDEO of the month: Chicago Sting @ New York Cosmos 1984

I remember watching this game on Sportsvision in my rec room as a 19 year old.  I was so excited to see my beloved Sting put the Bully Beatdown on the Cosmos in Giants Stadium.  Even Robert Meschbach scored!!!! What I didn’t quite grasp at the time was how clearly this game signaled that the Cosmos and the NASL were very much on their last fumes.  I started following soccer in 1982, the year after the Sting won their first Soccer Bowl, so I had never known anything other than contraction, franchise relocation, and dispersal drafts.

The Sting had always enjoyed a good rivalry with the Cosmos.  I’m pretty sure that Chicago had a better win-loss percentage against the Cosmos than any other team that had ever been in the league.  But this was too easy.  With a heat wave baking the Giants Stadium carpet to 130 degrees (literally breaking the on-field thermometer) the idea of a Cosmos team going down 5-0 at home in front of an empty stadium pretty much says it all.   Dancing on my coach as the fifth goal went in, I might as well have been dancing on the league’s grave. The Cosmos were going out not with a bang, but a whimper.  And the remaining eight teams would follow them out the door a few months later.

But hey… 31 years later.  We’ve all moved on, so let’s take a look back

Screenshot (67)

Chicago Sting @ Cosmos 1984 First Half 

Screenshot (68)

Chicago Sting @ Cosmos 1984 Second Half


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