Throwback Thursday: Beckham-It all Makes Sense Now

From July 14, 2009


Just 48 hours before Goldenballs prepares for his on-field return to the LA Galaxy from his self-orchestrated loan to AC MIlan, Beckham is still being featured in the press preposterously contradicting himself in the same breath by professing

1) His unbridled commitment to “the” MLS and the Los Angeles Galaxy
2) His desire to return to AC MIlan (or, as he recently hinted, any team in the EPL that might fancy him)

Arrogant? Stupid? Out of touch? Condescending? Hardly!

It’s just that since arriving in LA, David has been channelling one of the greatest American movie characters of our time, Rain Man’s Raymond Babbitt. The parallels are uncanny.

Savant-like genius ability in a specific field: check!
Lives in his own world protected by “handlers”: check!
Difficulty relating to “regular” people: check!
Frequent use of the word “yeah”: check!
Spends too much time with Tom Cruise: double check!

So when David talks about his near term football plans, he is simply playing out his own version of the scene near the end of the movie when the doctors can’t get Dustin Hoffman’s character to understand that going back to the institution and staying with his brother Charlie are two different choices. I can see the scene being played out now, with Galaxy coach Bruce Arena and MLS Commissioner Don Garber playing the roles of the exasperated doctors, as David continually contradicts himself:
“I definitely want to go back to Milan. Yeah…. I’m definitely commited to the MLS. Yeah…. Of course I’m an excellent d(r)iver…..”

David, are YOU taking any perscription medication?

This being Hollywood, I sense an opportunity for a remake her, with Tom Cruise reprising his role and David Beckham supplanting Dustin Hoffman. We can call the movie “Vain Man”


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